1. Running The Frost- Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds OST (Guerrilla Games) 4:30
  2. Reflections (Portfolio) 4:23
  3. Storm Skaters (Cool Games) 1:38
  4. To The Hunt - Horizon Zero Dawn OST (Guerrilla Games) 4:29
  5. Lane Racer (Portfolio) 2:02
  6. Strings of Valour 4:28
  7. Tarczyn (Portfolio) 3:03
  8. Battle Theme - SkyWorld VR (Vertigo Games) 2:19
  9. My Doumi (Dr Panda) 1:15
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About us

Game Audio Squad is a collective of game audio professionals bringing you high quality original music, custom sound design and implementation.

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The Team:

Niels van der Leest
Founder, Composer, Sound Designer

Niels van der Leest is an award winning game composer and sound designer who has been in games since 2007. Over the course of the years he has worked with developers ranging from independent to AAA.
Niels combines his classical music degree in percussion and world music, his background in the orchestral and ensemble performance and the strong sense of sound design to create unique music and sounds.

Lars Tesselaar
Co-Founder, Sound Designer, Composer

Lars Tesselaar is a dedicated game sound designer with a background in music production. In 2018 he graduated for a bachelors degree in Sonic Interaction Design at the University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands where he mainly focuses on game audio.
Lars has a wide technical knowledge of audio processing and is tremendously driven.


Gijs Driesenaar
Sound Designer, Composer
Gijs Driesenaar is a sound designer and composer for games. In 2015 he graduated from the University of the Arts Utrecht in Composition and Sound Design for Adaptive Systems.
He works for both AAA and indie game studios, such as Guerrilla Games and Speelbaars. His work for Lumini has been nominated at the Independent Games Festival Awards and the Emotional Games Awards.

Ramon Kerstens
Sound Designer, Composer
With 12 years of experience rightfully an industry veteran who previously worked in-house at Force Field VR and Vanguard Games.

Ramon’s work focusses on sound design and composition and his work has been nominated for several GANG and Dutch Game Awards.

Arjen Schut
Sound Designer
Arjen is a technical powerhouse and has worked in games for over 14 years. His expertise ranges from implementation to foley recording.



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